Issues of Justice

Students from Fredericksburg Academy, in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Turnberry Central Public School, in Wingham, Ontario, are working together on issues of Social Justice. Students will research together and then create a Voice Thread to share.

Essential Question:
How do people address the issues of justice in society?

March 29-April 1: Students are introduced to concept of social justice and altruism (FA students begin to think about topics since they are on Spring Break next week)
April 5-9: Turnberry students set up Google Doc and invite team members to join
April 12-16: Students connect on GD, choose topic and begin to research agreed upon questions
April 19-23: Students set up Voice Thread with each student using one CC photograph and adding commentary taken from the research.
April 26-28: Students will comment on other Voice Threads on the wiki.

Possible Topics:
Child Abuse
Health Care
Gender Discrimination
Racial Discrimination
Physical Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
Global Warming
Water Issues
Human Rights
Emerging Technologies Empowering/Disempowering people